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Safety Tips

Find good advices to go skiing safetly ! 

Before skiing on the slope :
  • I ask to a professional to control the material adjustement
  • I wear a helmet and a dorsal if necessary
On the slope :
  • I respect the other skiers by controlling my speed
  • I preserve the security of the skier in front of me by adapting my direction
  • If I overtake another skier, I stay the distance
  • I make sure it safe to start again skiing on the slope or at a crossroad
  • I do not stop in the middle of a slope or in a narrow way
  • If I fall, I stand up quickly to clear the way
  • If I lost a ski in my fall, I go on the slopeside to get it back
  • I respect the signs on the slopeside
  • I give the alarm in case of an accident

Find below useful advices to get on a chairlift !

To take on board :
  • I have to go with an adult (one adult can be with 2 children less than 1.25 m from each side)
  • I hold my sticks in one hand
  • If I have a rucksack or something similar, I carry it in front
  • I get to the line to go on board
  • I sit down deeply
  • In case of a bad boarding, I let it go immediatly before the chairlift goes up
On boarding :
  • I check that the adults who are accompanied me pull down the railing quickly
  • I do not agitate
  • I do not look back
  • I do not swing the chair
  • I do not pull back up the railing

On landing :
  • The adults must wait the arrival of the chairlift, to pull back up the railing
  • I leave quickly the space of landing going straight on (I do not cut the way to other skiers that are with me on the chairlift)
The adults are there to help you so do not hesitate to ask them for help
Do never endanger your life!
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