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This regulation should be applied for all groups of children or adolescents accompanied by adults (non-family).

 The group leader:
  •   must go to the pool till leaving his group outside the establishment.
  •   give the exact billing address in case of deferred payment.
  •   must go up to the pool before his group to contact the lifeguard, take note of safety instructions and signs, provide a list of members of his group distinguishing swimmers and non-swimmers and accompanying persons. This list must be signed by the manager.
 If no swimmers, non-swimmers list is provided:
Children from 6 to 12 years old will only have access to the play pool and toboggan.

Children under 6 years old can access the play pool, the paddling pool and possibly the toboggan.

Small children will have to wear seat belts.

No flotation belt will be accepted in the large basin.

If the list is provided, swimmers will be able to access the large pool under the supervision of the facilitators.
  •  should ensure the presence of a facilitator for eight children or a facilitator for five children for under 6 years.
  •  will have to count the children on arrival at the pools and before returning to the locker room.
  •  The existence of a local surveillance service does not relieve the management and the management of the center of their own responsibility. Supervision of the group is ensured by all the animators of this group who will take care to enforce the rules of procedure.
  •  The group will be limited to 40 children aged 6 and over, to 20 children under 5 years old.
  •  The group should have a first aid kit to allow facilitators to heal small wounds.
  •  All children under 12 years must be provided with bathing caps that they will keep during the whole session.
  •  If there is use of the slide, a facilitator must be present at the reception of the latter and will ensure compliance with its rules (start at green light, one person at a time, feet forward ...)
  •  The animators will wear a colored bracelet (provided by the pool) placed on the wrist to be easily identifiable by lifeguards when needed.

In order to satisfy the requests for reservations:

Please book the meeting as soon as possible on

The session will be limited to 2 hours, undressing included (depending on the hours of operation, from 10:30 to 12:30 or 14:00 to 16:00).

In case of delay, the session can not be extended. If this delay is greater than 15 ', the meeting may be canceled by the pool manager.

To note :
  • Bermudas, shorts, shorts and the like are prohibited.
  • No access to changing rooms and leaving the pool will be allowed without the presence of a group leader.
  • Piscine La Bresse Hautes-Vosges
  • Piscine La Bresse Hautes-Vosges