• Difficulty of route / loopback :
    • moderate
  • Location :
    • Beside a lake
    • Riverbank
    • In a woodland setting
    • In the mountains
  • Duration of run (hh:mm) :
    • 03:00

Family ride : Lake Blanchemer

Elevation: 985 m

Departure: Bridge Blanchemer

Arrival: Bridge Blanchemer 

Elevation: 280 m +

Duration: 3 hours (Var around the lake 0 h 30)

Markings: blue triangle - yellow cross - yellow disc - blue triangle

At The car park, turn right on the creek trail "blue triangle" marked trail that goes up the valley and leads you to the lake and at the open cottage to the public. Of glacial origin, this lake has an area of ​​8.55 ha and 13 m deep. His dam was raised in 1959 for hydropower needs. Fishing is regulated there.

Possibility to go around the lake in 30 minutes. Continue with the "blue triangle" to the path marked Grand Bougre "yellow cross" together with the "blue triangle" which is borrowed by the left to arrive at the intersection with the "yellow disc". Down the left "yellow disc" to Route des Chaumes, turn left always "yellow disc" until Blanchemer cottage.

Then resume to the right the "blue triangle" to reach the starting point.

Main information
  • Type of touring route :
    • Walking-related
  • Subject of touring route :
    • Family
    • In the mountains
  • Conditions for skiers :
    • Permanent unrestricted access
    • Signposted route
  • Conditions for skiers - Groups :
    • Permanent unrestricted access
    • Signposted route
To note
  • Pets welcome :
    • YES
  • Groups welcome :
    • YES
  • Information update date :
    • in the SITLOR database 21/02/2023 17:21:40
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