WALKING on snowshoes - BMHV

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  • Raquettes en famille Vosges
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Go with family or friends for a discovery outing, which combines relaxation with nature and adventure.
Magical landscapes, a soothing calm. Just enjoy the beauties of Mother Nature in winter.
A hot drink will be offered after the walk.

Snowshoes and poles provided free of charge for participants.
Plan your personal vehicle equipped with snow tires or chains to reach the start of the walk at the Chaume de Balveurche inn D417 88400 Xonrupt Longemer.

Walk for all ages, accessible to everyone from 8 years old.
On foot or on snowshoes depending on the snow conditions.
About 2 hours of outing accompanied by a state-certified professional.
Meeting place: 15 minutes before departure at the Chaume de Balveurche hostel D417 88400 Xonrupt Longemer - Tel 0685071306

Special information: for all walks, wear good shoes (such as walking shoes, thin snow boots) and warm, waterproof clothing, gloves, hat.
Possibility to rent walking shoes if needed, request them 24 hours before the outing.
Walk in groups of 12 people maximum.